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About The Word Witch
Claire Burgess

Hi! I'm Claire (they/them pronouns), and I'm a queer and non-binary tarot reader, teacher, illustrator, writer, and witch. I offer local and distance tarot readings and teach affordable tarot classes for anyone who wants to read for themselves. I'm the creator of Fifth Spirit Tarot (forthcoming in 2020) and the host of The Word Witch podcast, a spiritual and queer (and often political) broadcast about tarot, astrology, and magick from the margins. I'm also the author of an ongoing zine series The Word Witch Tarot Guides, which you can find in my shop, and I'm known for my tarot spreads for the moon cycles, which I offer on Instagram @the.word.witch and here on my blog.

Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, I've made my home on unceded Chinook land in Portland, Oregon, with a jungle of houseplants and my Pisces partner Aaron Caffee, who also helps out with the business side of The Word Witch Tarot. I'm a 4th house Aquarius sun, 8th house Gemini moon, and Scorpio rising, which should tell you everything else you need to know.


What I'm most passionate about is making the transformative tool of tarot accessible to as many people as possible. As a non-binary AFAB person, I seek to center lgbtqia+ folx, femmes, and women, and to be inclusive of race, gender, sexuality, economic class, and ability. In all of my offerings, I seek to provide trauma-informed spiritual tools and resources for the modern age that foster personal empowerment and healing for the individual and the collective.​