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Charlie Claire Burgess
Charlie Claire Burgess

Charlie Claire Burgess (they/them) is a queer and trans-nonbinary tarot practitioner, author, artist, and deck creator. Their first deck, Fifth Spirit Tarot, a queer and inclusive deck for a world beyond binaries, was first crowdfunded and self-published in 2020 and is now available from Hay House in a new, mass market edition. Their book Radical Tarot, a guide to reading tarot radically for personal and collective liberation, will be coming out from Hay House in September 2023 and is available for pre-order now.


Charlie is currently at work on two new decks: the Gay Marseille Tarot and the Aquarius Rising Oracle. They are also the (sporadic) host of The Word Witch Podcast and teach tarot classes online and in Portland, Oregon, where they live with their spouse and an extreme number of houseplants and fantasy novels.

In addition to their tarot work, Charlie writes fiction and non-fiction when the mood strikes. They hold an MFA in Creative Writing from Vanderbilt University. They are represented by Kelly Van Sant of kt literary.


The best places to connect with Charlie are on Instagram @the.word.witch or by joining them on Patreon.


"Remember Us With Your Imagination," Medium, 2022

"Fools and Believers," F(r)iction, Arcana issue, 2023

"Eight of Quills," The Literary Tarot, Brink Literacy Project, 2023



"Ghost Story," Joyland

"Upper Middle Class Houses," Third Coast -- Pushcart Prize Special Mention 2014

"Last Dog," Hunger Mountain -- Notable mention in Best American Short Stories 2012 and Best American Nonrequired Reading 2012

"Male Seeking Female," Annalemma

"Salt" and "Clean," PANK


New Stories from the Midwest 2016: "Upper Middle Class Houses," originally published in Third Coast 


"Fifth Spirit Tarot," deck review on the Wildly Tarot Podcast

"Kickstarter's Season of the Witch," by Rebecca Hiscott,

"Why Queer People Love Witchcraft," by Amanda Kohr, Refinery29




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