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Full Moon in Taurus: Spirit Made Flesh

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

2018-10-23 13:44:14.275

Taurus moons are usually pretty chill. Earthy and grounded, steady and sensual, not easily flustered. But today, Taurus’s chill is threatened. Conjunct to Uranus Rx, the planet of awakenings, and opposite Venus Rx in Scorpio, guide to our individual Underworlds, this moon has the potential to shake our foundations, crack fissures in our identities, temporarily crumble our sense of security. The good news—the GREAT news—is that Taurus doesn’t need any of that.

The greatest medicine of Taurus to simply be. In its highest form, Taurus is the joining of spirit and matter. It’s the ghost that animates flesh. It’s the divine within the temple of the physical body. Taurus exists without labels, without justifications, without the need for validation. Taurus just is. Taurus knows that they are true and whole and right and perfect regardless of the opinions of others, regardless of the storm raging around them, regardless of the earth quaking under their feet.

Taurus IS the earth. Taurus doesn’t fear a tremor. Taurus makes the earth quake.

The conjunct to electric Uranus Rx will bring surprises, and while these may be a shock to the system, the Taurus bull ain’t afraid. Like a lightning bolt in a dark room, Uranus can illuminate what was kept in the dark, allowing us to see ourselves and our surroundings with clarity. And with Venus, Taurus’s ruler, Rx in Scorpio closing in on its conjunction with the Sun, we are asked to look into that darkness. To light it up with a fuckin torch.

First, we had the Kavanaugh hearings and the subsequent resurgence of survivors speaking truth to power. Now, the Trump administration’s attack on the basic humanity of trans and GNC folx is being met with outcries, protests, and an uprising of support. Notice the Taurean solidity and unflappable assurance in the hashtag #wontbeerased. The quiet but strong Taurean solidarity in #metoo. The beautiful Tauren stubbornness in “Nevertheless, she persisted.” The soul-centered Taurean permanence of trans and genderqueer people who embody their truths every day, with or without a legal piece of paper.

So Taurus may just be the perfect emblem for how to make it through these current storms. The bull teaches us to ground into our internal strength, find the calm center of our undeniable truth, stand steady in our essential validity despite the protests of the powers that be. The bull exists for its own sake, for no one else, and by no one else’s design. The bull does not need permission to be.

At the same time, with Scorpio season upon us, there’s transformation in the air. There are emotions running high and truths rising from the depths to make waves on surface of our conscious minds. Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is the sign of power, and right now we’re reconceptualizing what that power means, how we want to use our own power, and how we can fight the misuse of power by those in control. One way to harness that power is to VOTE VOTE VOTE. By the end of this lunar cycle, we’ll have passed November 6, voting day for the midterm elections in the U.S. The new moon in Scorpio will have a story of power and transformation to tell, and it’s up to us to decide what that story will be.

This full moon, despite the shocks to our systems, the reality crumbling under our feet, let us embody the energy of Taurus and simply BE. Each of us is a sacred soul, a piece of the divine, a sliver of source in a body of earth. This full moon, while the lightning strikes, while the wind rages, while the snake sloughs its skin in the ecstasy of transformation, the Taurus bull stands calm, centered, true.

Today, breathe. Invite simplicity. Embrace quiet. Just existing is enough.

Know you are whole. You are true. You are a temple to your own sacredness. You are spirit made flesh.

No one can take that from you.

Be strong, my friends. Or, just be.

2018-10-23 13:45:10.762


For finding the calm within the storm. For grounding into your truth.

  1. THE STORM: The part of life that feels hard, scary, or out of control right now.

  2. THE WIND: What’s trying to knock you over.

  3. THE LIGHTNING: The awakening the storm is bringing.

  4. THE BULL: Your strength, your truth.

  5. THE HOOVES: How to ground into your strength.

  6. THE GRASS: How to nourish your body-spirit connection during this time.

  7. THE EARTH: How to simply be.


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