The indie first edition of Fifth Spirit Tarot is sold out! But don't worry: a new, mass market edition of the deck will be coming out in January 2023 from Hay House! Keep your eyes on this space or on for updates and preorders later this year. (Psst: It looks like pre-orders are already up on amazon and Barnes & Noble. Coming soon on IndieBound and elsewhere!)


Some of my retailers may still have first edition decks in stock: 

In Europe, Indie Tarot has decks and soon books.

In the UK, Little Red Tarot has books and altar cloths.

In the US, Ritual + Shelter and Circle of Stitches have decks.


Fifth Spirit Tarot is a queer and inclusive 78-card tarot deck that aims to expand the archetypes beyond the gender binary and reflect the variety and diversity of human bodies and human spirits. With nods to Smith-Rider-Waite symbolism, the imagery re-imagines the cards from a modern and radical perspective, familiar and new at the same time, with the intent to connect you to the full spectrum of your possibility. All of the card images can be viewed at


The full-length, 202-page guidebook is sold separately. Buy it here.


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