This two-volume zine lays out the fundamentals of the tarot through my personal queer lens, as a system that aims to unravel all binaries, transcend categorization, and show us that we’re all whole and all connected. While there is some overlap with ideas presented in The Fifth Spirit Tarot Guide, there is still a significant amount of unique content in these pages. This is a great primer for those new to Tarot!


Volume 1 contains a rundown of the essentials of tarot, introducing the elements, the numbers, and the (illusion of) duality, along with thoughts and suggestions on freeing it from gendered language. It then digs into the system of the Major Arcana through the three lines, which I frame as Learning, Unlearning, and Transcending. Also included are a small selection of tarot spreads and exercises for getting to know the Major Arcana.


Volume 2 digs into the four suits of the Minor Arcana through the elements, number families (including a more thorough look at the numerology presented in Volume 1), and the court cards as non-gendered modes of being. Guidewords are provided for all 56 Minor Arcana cards, with special love given to the oft-confusing court cards. Rounding it out are more exercises and tarot spreads specifically for working with the Minor Arcana. 


These zines grew out of the workbooks and materials I’ve created for my tarot students since I started teaching tarot in 2018, and they draw on my experience as a career educator, professional tarot reader, and queer non-binary person living in the world.


Pages: 68 total

Covers: black & white print on cardstock

Interior: black & white print on 20lb paper

Binding: assembled by hand, staple-bound


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