What is your shipping policy?

Most packages under 14 oz are shipped First Class Mail. Most packages over 14 oz are shipped Priority Mail, with the exception of International packages which are sometimes shipped First Class up to 1 lb. First Class and Priority Mail packages automatically come with tracking numbers.


A domestic package is not considered "lost" until 15 business days after the day it was shipped.


An international package is not considered "lost" until 8 weeks after the day it was shipped.


No replacements will be made if the item is "marked delivered" by the postal service at the address you provided.


For international orders, if there is insurance, replacements will not be made until after the insurance claim is approved, which may take months. Replacements will not be made if the insurance claim is not approved. Most international orders don't include shipping insurance, so this may not matter! If your order is damaged and does not include insurance I will either refund you or absorb the cost of replacing the item myself.


For domestic purchases damaged in transit, please see the Return Policy.

What is your return policy? 

Due to the nature of zines and tarot decks, all sales are final.


If your purchase arrives damaged, please immediately photograph it and contact me. In most cases, I will be able to ship you a replacement and absorb the cost myself. 


No replacements will be made 60 days after the ship date.

How often do you send out packages, and how long will it take to get to me? 

I generally send out packages twice a week, on Monday and Thursday mornings. That means it may take 1 to 4 days from the date of your order for it to ship. Most domestic orders (inside the U.S.) take 1-3 days to arrive from the date of shipping, while international orders (outside the U.S.) generally take 7-21 days to arrive from the date of shipping, though they can take longer. 


Occasionally, shipping may be delayed due to holidays, illness, weather, or other unexpected life events. Please keep in mind that I’m just one person (sometimes two with the help of my spouse), so I'm grateful for your patience! Sometimes tracking emails may get lost or go to your spam folder. If you haven't received an email or your package one week from ordering, please contact me directly. 

Can I purchase your items at wholesale for retail stores? 

Yes, absolutely! I offer wholesale prices on bulk orders for retailers. Please email me at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com with info on your shop and the item(s) and quantities you’re interested in, and we’ll arrange your order from there. 

Do you ship worldwide? 

I ship across the globe to wherever the United States Postal Service will allow me to ship. 

What about customs fees (outside of US)?

Customs fees are the responsibility of the customer. I do my best to mark packages so that they won't incur more customs fees for you, but I do have to legally report the retail price on customs forms. Please be aware of the customs rates and policies in your country before ordering.


Can I print my purchased PDF download at a commercial print & copy shop?

You are welcome and encouraged to print your PDF zine for personal use! If you don’t have a printer at home, I’ve included language on the copyright page of the PDF documents that should allow you to print at any copy shop. Please respect my work and only print it for your own use! If you have any trouble, email me at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com with a copy of your purchase confirmation and I can provide you with a copyright release letter. 


If you’re printing your copy and want to fold it up all nice and pretty like a zine, see the next question.

How do I fold this printed PDF like a zine? 

You need a different format for that, which I’m happy to send you. The PDF file you’ve downloaded is in facing-page format for easy reading on devices and simple printing at home. (I do this because the foldable file puts the pages all out of order and it doesn’t make any sense without printing and folding it up!) 


If you want to go the whole nine yards and fold your copy up zine-style, I can provide you with the PDF in foldable format at no extra charge. Forward your purchase confirmation email to me at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com and I’ll email that to you at my next opportunity! (Along with instructions for how to print and fold!) 


This comes with the trust that you’ll respect my work and won’t distribute or re-sell my zines. It’s never a good idea to cross a witch! ;)


What’s your cancellation policy? 

I’m happy to reschedule or give you a refund for readings that are cancelled more than 24 hours in advance of your session time. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, I will not be able to offer you a refund, but I may be able to reschedule your reading dependent on the circumstances of your cancellation. Email me at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com to cancel or reschedule.

What’s your refund policy? 

I do not give refunds for completed readings. Sometimes, information may come forth in a reading that is difficult to receive. That is an essential part of the utility of tarot to aid self-discovery, process hard things, and do the work to uncover our highest selves. As a tarot practitioner, my job is not to tell you what you want to hear, but to pass along the messages I see in the cards. As such, I cannot grant refunds based on a negative response to a reading, should this occur.

Can I hire you for my event?

Absolutely! I've read tarot at events of all shapes and sizes from pop-ups to 300-person parties. Previous clients include Willamette Week, Kamp Grizzly, and the World Domination Summit. Email me at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com with information about your event, and I'll be happy to provide you with my rates and availability.

Will you read for me if I’m under age 18? 

I think tarot is a great tool for young people! However, because of laws and stuff, I can only read for minors with the explicit, written permission of their parent or guardian, or if the parent/guardian is present for the reading. 

Will you pull cards for my boyfriend / girlfriend / partner / kid / asshole boss?

Consent is a staple of my ethical code, so I won’t pull cards for anyone without their expressed permission. Think of it like snooping through your partner’s phone—not cool, right? However, everything we need to know about your situation is already contained in your cards because you are in relationship with the people around you, so the people in your life will naturally show up in the course of a reading. I do a lot of relationship readings, and instead of focusing on the other party or parties, I’ve found that it’s much more useful and illuminating to focus on you, the querent, what your fears are, what your needs are, and how they’re being met. 

Can you tell me when I’ll meet my soulmate / get pregnant / die?

Nope. I practice tarot as a present-centered tool for shifting and guiding our lives in the now. While we often look at the future in readings, these are only trajectories based on your current choices, not set-in-stone fates. We can absolutely look at which choices may lead you to your desired outcome, but I do not provide exact timelines like “you’ll meet your wife in October of next year,” as I find this sort of fortune-telling prediction to be more harmful than helpful. 

Can you communicate with my departed loved ones?

I don’t consider myself to be a medium, so I cannot directly communicate with spirits that have passed on. I have found, however, that we can sometimes use the cards as a translator, as long as the departed soul is willing and able to engage. This is not my area of expertise, however, so you might want to look into mediums or tarot practitioners who have done more work in this area.

Can you read for my health or illness? 

That’s what medical professionals are for. While general health often comes up in readings (in the forms of stress, anxiety, burnout, over-indulgence, self-care, not getting enough rest), I cannot and will not diagnose you or treat any medical issues. If something like this should arise, I will always direct you to seek an appropriate professional. (If you’re concerned about this, get thee to a doctor!) 


I believe that tarot is best used as an emotional, mental, and spiritual support tool during hard times such as when you’re going through a health crisis, but it is not a medical tool and should always be consulted alongside proper medical or mental health treatment from a doctor or mental health professional.

Do you offer sliding scale / can you work within my budget? 

I offer sliding scale to BIPOC and transgender individuals on most of my tarot services, no questions asked. Sliding scale prices begin at around 60% of the regular price (i.e. 40% off), and you can find more details in the individual service listings. 


As a queer, non-binary person married to a transgender man, I don’t have the means to offer sliding scale to populations more privileged than myself. Thank you for respecting this.

All of your readings are audio-based. Do you provide any readings for folks with hearing impairments? 

I channel all my readings verbally, but I am more than happy to transcribe your reading for you on an as-needed basis. If you need this or any kind of accommodations, please include them in the “Is there anything else you’d like me to know” section of my booking intake form, or reach out to me by email at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com. 

Will you judge me? 

I will never judge you. Humans are complicated and diverse beings, and that’s why I love them! I’m a sex-positive, body-positive, fat-positive, poly-inclusive, anti-patriarchal, anti-capitalist, queer and non-binary person (whew, that’s a mouthful!), and that’s how I practice tarot.


I believe in holding space for my clients and their truth, even if that truth differs from mine (even if you’re a capitalist!), and I will never tell you how you should live your life or foist my personal opinions onto you. I do my best to create a safe space for the exploration of your inner self and your life without judgement.


As a survivor of trauma who is affected by PTSD, I take a trauma-informed approach and bring an awareness of mental health to all of my services.


Can I interview you on my podcast / blog / magazine / youtube channel?

I would be thrilled! Please send me an email at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com with information about your podcast / mag / channel / whathaveyou and what topic(s) you'd like to talk with me about. We'll set it up.

Can I get a tattoo of one of your designs?

I would be honored! I only ask that you credit me when sharing your new ink online and IRL. I’d also appreciate if you email a photo of your tattoo to me at TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com so I can share it on my media outlets. 

Can I commission you to illustrate something? 

Absolutely! I’m new to commissions, but I’m totally into it. If you’re interested, please contact me by emailing TheWordWitchTarot@gmail.com. I’ll be happy to send you my rates and let you know if I have time available to work on your project or idea.

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