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A queer & inclusive deck for a world beyond binaries.

Funded on Kickstarter in less than three days and published independently, the first edition of Fifth Spirit is available now!

5 of Cups Fifth Spirit Tarot.png
20 Judgement Fifth Spirit Tarot.png
07 Le Chariot Gay Marseille
L'Amoureauxse Gay Marseille NEW

It's the Tarot de Marseille, but gay!

Cheeky, irreverent, and super queer, the latest tarot deck from Charlie reinvents the classic TdM with queer lore and historical figures and has a grand ol' time doing it. It's in progress now!


Play with your fate and play Go Fish at the same time.

Drawing from tarot, playing card divination, and their own Aquarian imagination, Charlie's first oracle deck blends systems and adapts an old divinatory form for a new age. In creation now.

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