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Radical Tarot cover

Radical Tarot: Queer the Cards, Liberate Your Practice, and Create the Future

Coming September 2023

Radical Tarot reclaims tarot as a tool that can help free us from oppressive paradigms and empower us to direct our own lives through radical reflection, self-discovery, and change.


With deep, knowledgeable, and lyrical looks at the cards, Burgess deconstructs the cards' historical meanings, offers queered and updated interpretations, and invites the reader to image what else could be possible for the cards, for themselves, and for the world.


Queer, expansive, intersectional, and creative, Radical Tarot is more than a guide to tarot -- it's a guide to your own personal revolution. 

Pre-order now wherever books are sold

Fifth Spirit 3D Image.jpg

Expanding the tarot archetypes beyond the gender binary, this deck re-imagines tarot from a queer and inclusive perspective.

Originally crowdfunded and self-published in 2020, FST has been reborn in an updated mass-market edition, available now! With an upgraded box, expanded guidebook, and refreshed and redesigned cards, the new edition is here to help you create a better future. 


Be sure to support your local bookshop and ask them to stock Fifth Spirit Tarot!


Visit the shop for Fifth Spirit Tarot, the Big Guidebook, the altar cloth, and more. And don't miss our newest addition: apparel! Wear your card on your sleeve with t-shirt designs featuring my tarot cards and all-new illustrations, with more on the way.

Fifth Spirit Tarot Guide

Learn to read tarot radically, queer your magical practice, create your own deck, and more. Class offerings change seasonally and are offered locally in Portland, Oregon, and online.


Intuitive, conversational, and queer-friendly, these Tarot readings use adaptive and bespoke Tarot spreads to put you on the path to your best and truest life. Readings currently closed.


The Word Witch Podcast explores tarot, astrology, magic, and more from a queer and inclusive perspective, with a mix of educational episodes and interviews with folks making magic from the margins. 

podcast 1.jpg

Tarot spreads, guidance for the moon cycles and the astro weather, and general magic musings from the resident madwitch. The Blog is currently updated rarely as I focus on other projects, but it shall triumphantly return.


Charlie Claire Burgess (they/them) is a tarot practitioner, writer, artist, and deck creator. They believe tarot is a powerful tool for revolutionizing our lives and creating better individual and collective futures. They're writing a book about that right now, called Radical Tarot (Hay House, 2023). All their work is centered on queering tarot and magical practice for a radically liberated life.


Fifth Spirit Tarot is a queer and inclusive deck for a world beyond binaries, available now. 

The Gay Marseille Tarot and The Aquarius Rising Oracle are in progress.

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