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Full Moon in Taurus: Get Pleasure

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Today, the moon is full in the lush, sensual, patient, pleasure-loving sign of Taurus. Often chalked up to being lazy and gluttonous, the Bull knows something the rest of us don’t: nothing’s worth doing if it doesn’t bring pleasure.

Pleasure, enjoyment, contentment, fullness, presence—these are life’s sweetest fruits, and we all deserve to savor them. Unfortunately, this is hard to do in a world where our worth is defined by our productivity, where we’ve learned that pleasure is a luxury few can afford, where some of us have even been taught that pleasure is a sin.

The energy of Taurus can help us unlearn that we don’t deserve the good things, that slowness is laziness, that we’re only worthy if we’re constantly producing. Taurus shows us that pleasure isn’t sinful; it’s sacred.

In the true spirit of Taurus, I’m posting this spread hours after the full moon, which is the same thing I did six months ago on the Taurus new moon when I first shared this spread! Because Taurus takes its time, friends. Taurus knows that life doesn’t have to be a race or a competition. Taurus knows that presence is a surer way to happiness than achievement. And I know that’s a hard thing to believe when the world is constantly shouting at us to achieve, improve, ascend, hustle, be constantly better and better and better. It’s a hard thing for me to believe, to be honest. Unlearning our conditioning isn’t easy.

But that’s why we call on Taurus, to help us remember our intrinsic worth by connecting with our bodies and the earth and its gifts and pleasures, to help us remember that we’re each a sacred soul living in a sacred body for a sacred sliver of time on a sacred miracle of a planet. Taurus teaches us the divinity of the flesh, the god(dex) is all small things, the blessing of the sun on your face or a chocolate on your tongue or a song you can move your body to.

Today, take your pleasure in what ways you can. Do something just for the enjoyment of it. Slow down, if even for a few moments, and be present in the miracle that you are. We are, each of us, spirit made flesh.

Happy full moon, my loves!

(P.S. This spread is called the Pentacle spread because the pentacle is the five-pointed star of the earth suit in Tarot, with four of the points representing the elements earth, air, fire, and water, and the fifth point of the pentacle representing the fifth element of Spirit. Taurus is also an earth sign that rules Key 5: The Hierophant, and Taurus is the spirit in flesh. And now you know part of why I named my tarot deck Fifth Spirit Tarot!)

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