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New Moon in Aquarius: The Revolution is Personal

In the sign of the rebel, the revolutionary, the weirdo, and the humanitarian, this new moon offers a portal into a personal and collective awakening.

Aquarius wants to celebrate YOU for your originality, your freakiness, your most offbeat thoughts and inclinations. It wants you to revolutionize your life to support your individuality, and it wants to shake up the structures and powers that be for collective liberation and the greatest good. (And it’s my sun sign, nbd. 😎)

With the Aquarius new moon square to its ruler Uranus in Taurus, this is an especially powerful opportunity to investigate the structures and values in your life that are out of alignment. In Tarot, Taurus is the Hierophant and Aquarius is the Star, and here we have a call to heal our broken belief systems, to question our leaders and teachers and gods, to awaken (Uranus) to where we’ve been led astray so that we may find our true paths again. This is the first new moon of the new decade, and on the heels of the Cancer-Capricorn eclipses and Saturn-Pluto conjunction, it’s a clarion call for awakening, revolutionizing, and joining collectively to overhaul the broken systems all around us. But those huge, systemic changes, they start with YOU. They start in the personal lives of every single one of us.

So this evening, sit with this spread or just with the energies of the moment and allow yourself to drop in with your inner weirdo. Ask yourself how you’re loving on your quirks (or aren’t), how you’re living your individuality (or not). Try to define your values and separate them from the over-cultural values foisted upon all of us by your upbringing, culture, society. What is authentically YOU, and what’s just noise? Ask yourself how you can make changes to live a life true to your values—even if that means being ostracized from some of your networks and communities. (Hint: they’re probably not the communities for you.) My loves, be brave enough to be your own weirdo! 👽

The shift the collective needs starts in the individual lives of all of us, friends. The personal changes you make have ripple effects. Every one of us who is living authentically and with integrity, examining our values and making changes, living our truths—we inspire other people to do the same. The changes you make in your personal life may seem small compared to the huge overhauls we need globally, but that’s how the collective works, my loves. All our small changes add up. Together, we’re giants.

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