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Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Oof. Aries doesn’t fuck around, you guys. My new moon + mercury direct reading (see my last post for details) laid it out r a w and triggered an impromptu blog post/treatise on the hustle, how glorified it is, and how much it f*cking sucks.

You ask Aries how to be a boss? Aries tells you how.


First off, lets look at those foundational cards: Wanderer of Knives & the Hierophant. The Wanderer shows stunted movement, frustrated thoughts, that nervy itch to RUN. The Hierophant is the structures, organizations, traditions we’ve involved ourselves in, that we’ve given our power to, that have been making us feel like twitchy, stabby little pawns for the past few weeks (times forever). What has you feeling this way? Where is there false, stifling rigidity in your life? What messaging are you receiving that tells you you need to be X, when you know in your goddamn soul that you’re well and truly Z?

The purpose of the Hierophant is to pass on teachings and wisdoms so that we can each decide for ourselves what we believe, what we hold to be sacred and true, where we will walk the path of thousands before us and where we will diverge from that shit and put that Girl Scout orienteering badge to use.

It’s time to be your own teacher, friends.

The 8 of Feathers (Wands) tells us what to let go. The hustle, the grind, the chaotic scrounging for energy and time, feeling always off-kilter, on defense. My partner’s sister was in town this week, and last night she laid down some serious sage wisdom: “the hustle is just another form of lack mentality,” she said. And it IS. Why do we hustle? To pay our bills, yes. But could it also be because of a fear of not having enough, not doing enough, not BEING enough? We feel like we have to say “yes” to every opportunity that comes along because of the illusion that opportunities are few. We feel that if we CAN do it, we SHOULD do it, because aren’t we just lucky to have the chance?

This is how you end up in the griiiind, friends. This is how you end up letting other people, things, companies, institutions take your time and energy and power and saying “thank you for the opportunity” to them while they do it. There are a lot of reasons millennials have to hustle, not least because the full-time career-path job with insurance and a living wage has gone the way of the Sasquatch (largely mythical, only rarely sighted). But do we really have to do it like this?

How many things are you dispersing your energy into? How much are you giving to jobs and projects and people who you’re just “meh” about? I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of constantly having to fight to carve out time for myself and my soul work. I’m tired of having my boundaries trespassed again and again by employers and people who expect me to give, give, give. I’m tired of being so goddamn TIRED, y’all.

You ask Aries how to be a boss? Aries tells you to be your OWN boss.

The 6 of Knives shows movement away from what has us pinned. Toxic situations, jobs, friendships, partnerships, and the shit we’ve put up with for far too long, finally coming to a close. There’s a call for movement here, for deciding to make a change and DOING it. What are you fed up with? What do you need to walk away from? Who/what do you need to tell to step back off your boundaries? That time is now.

The Ace of Moons (Cups) will be what sustains us when we pack our bags and GTFO. It’s both the fuel and the guiding light. This card is about listening to our intuition, sending down a taproot into the bottomless well of the collective unconscious, and drinking deep of the waters. This is about nourishing the collective and be nourished by it. The cup is full, friends, and there’s enough for all of us. What has been calling to you? Follow that gravity tug of the moon.

The 3 of Feathers (Wands) is how to stand proudly in your truth: EXPAND. Embrace the work you want to do, lay your plans, do what’s necessary to make room for yourself and the parts of your life that have been suffering in the energy-draining, soul-sucking demands of the hustle. Take up space! Be unashamed! Say, “this is what I want to do, what I choose to do, and maybe it’s disappointing to you, but, respectfully: tough nuts, buddy.” Stand proud beside your passions, your desires, and what you’re creating here on this planet. Never apologize for following your joy.

Lastly, the 2 of Moons is what will be illuminated by this cycle. It’s the mirror that reflects back our true image. It’s the integration of the fullness of self. It’s the union of light and shadow. It’s self-recognition and self-acceptance and self-love. This road is a journey from you to YOU, friend. You are the beginning and the destination. The motto of Aries is “I am.” And you ARE. Don’t short-change yourself by trying to fit into the box of anyone else’s expectations.

This is the work of BECOMING.

As a friend of mine says, “YOU are who you’ve been waiting for.”

It’s nice to meet you.

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