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Full Moon in Gemini: We Need to Talk

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

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Last night was the full moon in Gemini, and here in the U.S. it was also Thanksgiving, a holiday about gathering with family and loved ones to give thanks for the good in our lives—and also a holiday based on a propaganda narrative that erases the atrocities of colonialism. This day can be a fraught one, filled with potentially explosive political disagreements and tense family conversations, with speaking your mind or with holding your tongue. It’s a time when narratives collide, and that means it’s also a time ripe with opportunities for important conversations. The ones we usually avoid because they’re hard or scary and take a lot of effort and patience. But, as we move forward into the holiday season, it’s more important than ever that we DO have those conversations. That we open the channels of communication, open our minds to consider alternate perspectives, open our hearts to change.

The full moon in the sign of conversational Gemini can help. (And you can contact that full moon energy for a few days around it, so there’s still time!) The mutable air sign of Gemini is innately curious. They want to learn, want to know, want to understand. Ruled by Mercury, which is currently retrograde in Sagittarius, usually chatty Gemini may have the tendency to stick their foot in their mouth more than usual. But, if we’re aware of how we are communicating and keep our heads about us, Gemini’s ruling planet may help us listen—truly listen—and reconsider our stances in ways that can help us grow.

The planet of expansion, Jupiter, sits opposite the moon in its home sign of Sagittarius, along with the Sun and Mercury, and all that Sagittarius action gives this full moon the potential for drama but also for generosity and expansion. There’s an opportunity here to expand our understanding through conversation, to enact growth through communication. And it’s an opportunity that I believe we can learn from and apply to the rest of this holiday season, and to any opportunities for meaningful dialogue that arise in the future, whenever they may come.

Yesterday, I spent the day with a small group of close friends, cooking and eating and talking (hence the delayed post). Around the dinner table, we had one of the most incredible Thanksgiving conversations I’ve ever had, ranging from race to feminist theory, gender identity to Sumerian poetry, ableist language to the shape of time. (Also a brief segue into the evolution of the human buttocks.) While we largely agreed on most matters, we did have differences of opinion, but each sensitive topic was navigated with such respect and an eagerness to learn from each other’s perspectives that the result was a fascinating and thought-provoking conversation that left us all with something new to consider. That dinner table dialogue was absolutely perfect for the Gemini full moon, and it reminded me of what a hugely powerful medium for exchange and expansion conversation is. It inspired this spread, which I hope will provide each of you with tools for facilitating your own communication.

It’s time to have the important conversations, friends. The necessary ones. We need to talk.

We also need to listen.

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For the important conversations. For growing and learning through communication. For what needs to be said and heard.

  1. WE NEED TO TALK: What needs to be discussed right now.

  2. WHAT TO SAY: What you need to communicate.

  3. HOW TO SAY IT: How to communicate it most effectively.

  4. WHAT NOT TO SAY: Because you don’t always need to say everything.

  5. HOW TO LISTEN: I mean really listen.

  6. HOW TO RESPOND: Instead of react.

  7. WHAT TO LEARN: The growth that can come of this conversation.


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