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Full Moon in Libra Tarot Spread

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Libra is the cosmic balancer, ruler of the tarot card Justice. It brings harmony, fairness, equality, diplomacy. And if you’re riding my energy wave this month (this year, this lifetime), you’re feeling allll sorts of unbalanced right now. Shit’s been real recently, with the cosmos throwing things at us right and left so we can shed the bullshit and rise into alignment with our higher selves. That sounds great, but man is it hard sometimes, y’all. Thank goddess we have Libra swooping in just in time, giving us an opportunity to harness her power and find balance.

This full, blue Libra moon sits opposite the sun in Aries, setting up a channel between our relationships to others and the world around us (Libra) and the fiery, confident oneness of Self (Aries). This full moon is powerfully about our relationships, not just to others, but to the Self. It’s about honoring ourselves, our desires, our limitations, our identities. This is a potent time to drop in with our core values and evaluate: am I living in alignment with my truth? Is this still the path I want, or is my soul pulling me elsewhere? Our wants, needs, dreams, and capabilities change, my friends. It’s valuable and necessary to check in with ourselves every now and again to see if we’re still on the right path, if we’re living in alignment with the ever-evolving highest self, and what we can do to recalibrate for harmony.

With Mercury retrograde, it’s an especially good time to do this inner work, to harness the power of this Libra full moon to illuminate where we’re out of balance in our relationships to ourselves, and also to work, to friends, to partners, to health, to whatever is striking a chord of disharmony.

I offer this spread to help you do exactly this on the Libra full moon. I know I’ll be sitting with my cards tomorrow and Working. Some. Shit. Out. Pay particular attention to that 5th card, friends. Because it’s not enough to recognize where things are out of balance. You also have to take action and DO something about it. You might just need little tweaks to bring equilibrium to the scales, or you might need something bigger. Either way, shit doesn’t always work itself out, y’all. Sometimes, YOU have to do the work.

Don’t forget: in one hand, Justice holds the scales.

In the other, she holds the sword.




1 & 2. THE WEIGHTS: What needs to be brought into balance in my life right now?

3. THE BASE: The foundation of the issue. Where does this disharmony arise from? What root needs to be addressed?

4. THE SCALE: Guidance for weighing these forces. How do I weigh them in fairness and truth to my highest self?

5. THE FULCRUM: What action can I take to tilt the scales into balance and find alignment for myself?

Decks pictured: Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, Arcana of Astrology.

Full Moon Libra_closeup

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