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NEW MOON IN GEMINI: Not in Kansas Anymore

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

June 3rd, 2019 // 3:02am PDT

Words are hard right now, which is strange for a Gemini moon. Or maybe it’s not that words are hard—it’s that truths are hard. Hard to handle, hard to hold, hard to voice, hard to believe. Or hard to pin down. The Gemini new moon is making difficult aspects to Neptune and Jupiter, making this usually sharp and clear new moon muddied with uncertainties, unknowns, what-if’s, if-so’s. Pluto and Saturn sitting with the South Node add a foreboding to the mix, making every word and every choice seem fateful, or fatalistic.

With all of this astrology kicking up the equivalent of a Sharknado over this moon, fears might feel more true than truths, and quitting, running, and avoiding might seem like the best bet. But if you grew up in tornado country like I did, you know that when the air sirens start wailing, the last thing you do is run outside. You can’t outrun a tornado, my friends. So put down the video camera and get thee to to basement, or the closet, or the nearest ditch, because when the thoughts and fears and feels start swirling, it’s not the time to make a snap decision. The best and wisest thing to do is hunker down and wait until the skies clear. And the skies WILL clear. We just have to be patient enough and grounded enough to make it through the storm.

Thankfully, even though most of the outer planets and the entirety of human civilization seem determined to drop a house on us (how many tornado movie metaphors can I fit in here?), the new moon in Gemini has a pair of ruby slippers (boom). The sign of the Twins throws open the lines of communication, unites our disparate parts in lively debate, and zips through data faster than electricity through a synapse. Like I wrote in my previous post, The Twins aren’t shallow—in fact, evaluating them as shallow is a shallow reading of the sign! Instead, the Twins are an infinitely complex network of information, constantly changing, dichotomous, nonbinary. They are expansive enough to hold multitudes, insightful enough to see past absolutes, quick enough to leap effortlessly between realities. They rule the Lovers, the tarot card that unifies our seemingly disparate parts, bridges our divides, belies all binaries, and shows us the way to a fuller existence through connection.

So while the astrology of this new moon is making it hard to perceive the truth through all the flying dust, Gemini is uniquely situated to be okay with that. I don’t want to get too philosophical (that’s the Sagittarius end of the axis), but what is truth, anyway? It’s subjective and mutable, just like Gemini. It can be dressed up or dressed down, and without the full context, the truth can be a very misleading thing. Gemini perceives beyond appearances, collecting all the data down to the nearly undetectable building blocks and influences and subtle energies beneath. Gemini beholds a tornado and sees that it isn’t just one thing; it’s thousands of things. It’s wind and dust and branches and trash. It’s lawn furniture and undelivered mail and someone’s roof shingles and a miraculously unbroken egg. It’s billions of speeding molecules of air. This Gemini moon, don’t let your fears rule you. See the monster for what it is: a thousand bits of swirling debris, given shape by two fronts meeting.

Gemini can receive and perceive and synthesize and connect and then REFLECT all in a blink of an eye. That’s its superpower: to instantaneously perceive and reflect the truth to us in all its complicated glory. What Gemini doesn’t do is tell us what the truth means. That’s up to us.

So tonight, make like Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton, strap yourselves to some plumbing, and figure out what your twister is made of. (I had to work in a Twister reference! I just had to.) If the data is scattered, the facts messy, the truth slippery—that’s okay. That’s more than okay: that’s life. The meaning may not (probably won’t) arise tonight, but we can use this new moon to set an intention to find it.

Good luck, friends, and goddex speed! See ya somewhere over the rainbow. 😉

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