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Tarot Spread for the New Moon in Pisces

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and one of the most deeply rooted in intuition. Pisces is the element water and the tarot card The Moon. It’s the unconscious, the emotional depths, the psychic channel to source, the imaginative and visionary world of dreams. It’s also fucking intense.

This Pisces season, many of us have felt like we’ve been plunged straight into a choppy ocean, like we’re treading water and just barely keeping our head above the surface. Emotional triggers and old wounds have risen from the depths, but so have powerful opportunities for healing. These waters are scary, so we fight against them.

But what if we stopped kicking?

What if we trusted the water and welcomed this invitation to intuition?

What if we acknowledged our fear and then dove straight down into those depths anyway?

What secrets of self, what intuitive knowledge, what profound and unknown magic could we discover?

This new moon in Pisces offers a perfectly timed opportunity to dive into our depths at this end of the astrological year, right before the vernal equinox next week. I offer this tarot spread to you, as one way to help you harness this energy and plunge into these waters for yourself. Tonight, we are invited to create a safe space, tap into the magic of the new moon and Pisces, and then drop the fuck within.

The waves are choppy only on the surface, friends. Beneath is a different world.

Tonight we’re deep sea divers, baby. Let’s go explore.



  1. THE MOON: What magic, what dreams, what creative visions await you this moon?

  2. THE WAVES: What emotional turmoil or wounds are rising up, asking to be acknowledged and healed?

  3. THE DIVER: How to dive deep & drop in to your intuition, your dreamland, your magical connection to Source.

  4. THE DEEP: Intuitive message from the Void.

  5. THE TIDE: How to surrender your burdens & accept your space in your current cycle with compassion.

  6. THE CURRENT: What new adventure, what new journey of the heart is pulling you, ready to begin?

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