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Tarot Spread for the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse in Aquarius

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Awaken Your Authentic Self.

The new moon in Aquarius today is a heavy one, dense with change, upheaval, resetting. It’s demanding we rise to its call, break out of our former selves, and crack ourselves wide to the uncomfortable and unknown and absolutely thrilling transformation that’s been calling to us throughout this tumultuous eclipse season. Can you feel it? It’s electric, ecstatic, erratic. It’s probably painful. Don’t even try to dig your heels in. This new moon partial solar eclipse is going to force you to move, whether you’re ready or not. (You’re ready. You may not feel it, but you are.)

Aquarius is the sign of the eccentrics, the innovators, the revolutionaries. Aquarius breaks down conventions, eschews traditions, and reinvents itself constantly, for no other reason than because it feels like it today. It’s furiously independent and insistently individual (sometimes to its detriment).

This moon is asking you to let your individuality rise, to appreciate your unique gifts. Perhaps it’s asking you to make a transformation, pull a Madonna and reinvent yourself. Let your old self slough off with this new moon, friend, so your new self can step proudly forward. Don’t be ashamed. Aquarius sure isn’t. What you’re feeling in your depths, your heart, your core—that’s right. That’s true. That’s YOU.

But for all its strident individuality, Aquarius is also the water bearer. The bringer of that which quenches thirst. The servant of the collective, Aquarius shoulders the yoke and leads the way to the well. This humanitarian attribute of Aquarius makes this new moon solar eclipse an ultra-powerful time to reflect on not just where to change and progress in our own lives, but how to be part of the change, growth, and progress of the collective. It’s time to innovate, deconstruct, demolish, imagine, rebel. It’s long overdue. What’s your part?

I created this spread today to serve the collective, as one small part of what I can do. I’m also an Aquarius: my birthday’s this Saturday. So it’s maybe not surprising that this new moon has been an especially turbulent and powerful one for me, like none other in recent memory. I guess that’s what happens when there’s a new moon solar eclipse in your sign within two days of your solar return.

This moon is *forcing* transformation for me. To use the cliched butterfly/cocoon metaphor, this moon is tearing my cocoon to fucking pieces, shoving its face inside, and yelling WAKE THE HELL UP ALREADY. And I’m not even sure if I’m a butterfly or a moth. Or a bat.

But I’m trying to trust it, to open to it, to let my old, safe structures fall away and make room for progress. That’s the challenge of this new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius: holding yourself open against the fear, inviting the upheaval, trusting the transformation. That ache you feel: it’s growth.

I hope this spread can help you discover your authentic self and step into progress for yourself and the collective, as it did for me. ♥




  1. THE THIRST: What new needs or desires have awoken in you this eclipse season? Where are you transforming?

  2. THE VESSEL: Where can you be more open to new experiences, connections, depths?

  3. THE WATER: What special gifts, talents, skills, passions are yours to bring forth this cycle?

  4. THE SPILL: What old attitudes, patterns, structures, conditioning should you release in order to progress?

  5. THE YOKE: How can you best serve the collective with your unique contribution? What’s your larger role to play in this shifting time?

  6. THE WELL: Your source for this cycle. The energy for you to draw on, to sustain you, to fill you up as you move forward and expand during this eclipse season.

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