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Full Lunar Eclipse in Leo: forged in your own fire

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Tonight’s total lunar eclipse in Leo caps off the last of the Leo-Aquarius eclipses that began back in 2016. Leo moons always have a full-hearted feel to them, but this one is extra celebratory as it marks the fulfillment of the growth cycle that we’ve been on in the last two-plus years, one characterized by individual self-actualization (Leo) and revolutionizing the collective consciousness (Aquarius). As such, this is prime time to consider how your sense of self has grown and changed since 2017, and then to honor the fuck out of it, my friends. ♥️

What have you done that’s brave or bold? Has your confidence grown? How are you expressing yourself in truer or more creative ways? How have you shown up as a leader, even in quiet ways? Where have you discovered your deep reservoirs of unexpected strength, your fierceness, your regal worth? How has your wild heart swelled to more fully encapsulate your expansive self?

Tonight, think back to the first Leo eclipse in February 2017 and honor all the struggles and the changes and the triumphs and the failures between then and now. Notice how they didn’t break you—and I know they didn’t, because here you are. Notice how you’ve become stronger—and you have, even if you feel so, so weak at times. Notice how you’ve stepped slowly but surely into your own self worth—which you have, even if you sometimes doubt yourself. Notice how your capacity for self-love has expanded and deepened and simplified and complicated—because it has, even if you’re still working on it.

These last two years have been a revolutionary trial by fire for so many of us, including me. Around the time of the February 2017 Leo eclipse, my partner and I decided to leave our jobs and friends and most of our possessions and move across the country. The day before the total Leo solar eclipse in August 2017, we arrived in Portland. During the eclipses of January-February 2018, I launched by business, The Word Witch Tarot. Since then, I’ve taught tarot to over 60 folks in local workshops and classes, launched my podcast which has almost 3000 downloads as of this moment, written a miniature book on tarot that I’m currently figuring out how to publish, and had the deep deep privilege of connecting with each of you here through my posts and spreads. (The eclipses were on my natal sun in Aquarius and midheaven in Leo, btw, if ya can’t tell.)

That all sounds great, and it is, but while I was blazing on the outside, I was also moving through intense and difficult work on the inside. My identity and worldview was questioned, turned inside out, and transformed. I faced some of the things that scare me most, including old trauma. My relationship to my body was overhauled. My sexuality and gender identity were clarified. It was painful and glorious and horrible and absolutely necessary.

And now here I am. And here you are, too. For all the good and the bad, you are more yourself today than you were 2 years ago, my friends. You’ve been forged in the fiery star of your own molten heart. Look how radiant you are.

Have a blessed final Leo eclipse, dear friends. I hope you can appreciate and love and honor yourselves to the fullest tonight, exactly as you deserve.



A group of lit candles glowing in red and orange, seen from above, surrounded by dark. Seven card positions are transposed above the image, in the shape of stairs rising upwards.
The same candles as the previous image, with descriptions of the card positions listed over them. 1. The lion: the inner beast you've faced the last two years. 2. The teeth: the part of the beast that you're afraid of. 3. The tongue: how to integrate that part of self with compassion. 4. The purr: what part of you needs more self-love. 5. The mane: what you should be proud of. 6. The crown: An aspect of your true and radiant self now emerging. 7. The roar: how to honor and embody your truth and your light.
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