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Full Moon in Pisces: Surrender to the Dream

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Full Moon in Pisces_landscape

This summer has been a struggle. For me, for most of my friends, for many of you. We’ve risen to challenges and surmounted obstacles. We’ve fought battle after battle at work and at home, online and IRL, with others and with ourselves. We’ve held ourselves open and accountable through 7 retrogrades (8 if you count Chiron) and 3 eclipses, trying our damnedest to listen and learn and figure out how to grow into an existence that feels right and true to us. And right now, many of us are asking: What was the fucking point?

We’ve been treading water for so long, friends, just trying to keep our heads above the surface. Tonight, we discover we can float.

Just as the human brain needs sleep to digest and internalize information, so too does the spirit need to chill the fuck out in order to synthesize and integrate. So many of us are still in survival mode, heart rate pounding, legs kicking, lungs gasping. We haven’t had enough (or any) time to step back and see the pattern in the chaos, to receive the message that’s been trying to come through. We need some respite from the fight. For a little while, at least, we need to surrender.

Stop kicking. Allow yourself to float.

You may have heard that we’ve moved into the season of Virgo—and thank Goddexx for that. Virgo is the organizer of the zodiac. There’s no chaos it can’t assimilate into a categorized system with color-coded labels. But Virgo is so much more complex than just the Marie Kondo of the stars. In Tarot, it rules The Hermit: the seeker of solitary wisdom, the shepherd of the inner journey, the bearer of the lantern of personal Truth.

The Sun in Virgo is that lantern, friends. It’s here to help us light up our dark corners and find the path. Virgos love order and systems, and The Hermit as Virgo seeks out the order that makes intuitive sense to them, and then they create their own system to understand it. Our Pisces full moon—repped by The Moon card in Tarot, no less—reflects the light of that Virgo Sun off The Moon’s lens of the subconscious, emotions, and dreams. This is the realist light of personal truth illuminating our spiritual path on terra firma, on the solid ground of the tangible world. Pisces allows us to dive deep into unconscious waters and receive what we need to move forward, and Virgo allows us to bring it to shore, dry it off, and embody it. To take the dream, and to live it.

In addition to Virgo’s grounding energy, the day before the full moon we’re graced with an Earth Grand Trine as the Sun in Virgo trines Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. Trines are formations of ease and flow, and this one offers the warm, stabilizing, earthy hand to support us. With this grounding energy, we have the security to digest what we’ve absorbed through the summer season, to understand and perhaps enact it in a practical way. On top of that, the Pisces full moon, opposite the Sun, joins the trined planets to make a “kite” formation, a pattern that is all about transcending. Here, the stability and manifest reality of earth signs joins the watery moon in order to help us rise above whatever’s daunting us and usher those dreams into reality.

But first, before the planning, before the launch, before the next steps: we surrender. We rest. We dream.

I kept this spread a simple one, friends, aimed at supporting us to open and receive. You may notice that while there is a card for how to receive the Dream’s message and how to bring it into the light of Day, there is no card for the Message itself. You already know what it is. You’ve been receiving it for three months, for six months, for years. It’s somewhere in your subconscious, rising to the surface, waiting to break through. All the events of this summer have been bubbles in the water, helping it to rise.

I invite you to use this spread to open the way to its coming. Don’t try to solve anything, don’t push for answers, don’t try to figure it all out tonight. Just relax, receive. Let things be. As The Moon card teaches us in Tarot, there is much to be discovered when we wander in the dark.

You can’t force the Sun to rise, friends. But rise it always does.


For surrender. For rest. For receiving. For the Dream.

Pisces Full Moon_closeup
  1. THE BED: What needs rest.

  2. THE PILLOWS: How to surrender.

  3. THE DREAM: How to receive what wants to come through.*

  4. THE DARK: What scares you but you do not need to fear.

  5. THE DAWN: How to trust that you are on your right path.

  6. THE DAY: How to carry the Dream into the reality of day.

*If you feel called to pull an additional card for clarity on the message coming through, please do so.

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