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New Moon in Gemini: Reflecting Self-Worth

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

New Moon in Gemini

On this new moon in Gemini, we burn off the mental fog. We clear the air by verbalizing our needs. We honor our contradictions. We take a look in the mirror, see past the distortions, and love what we find reflected back at us. Or, if we have a hard time loving what we see, we at least try.

Gemini moons can usually be counted on for a lighter vibe, but Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury has just entered the emotional water sign of Cancer on Tuesday, giving this air moon a humidity of sensitivity, conducive for compassionate communication with the self. With last week’s suicides, this Gemini moon feels heavier than usual, highlighting the necessity of being able to talk about our mental and emotional struggles, of removing the stigma that prevents people from doing so, of being able to ask for help. This new moon, friends, we reaffirm our commitment to self-respect. We try to stop being so hard on ourselves. We take steps toward self-acceptance. We try our damnedest to love ourselves. We celebrate our worth.

There’s a seed in you that knows you’re worthy. It knows that you have so much to share with the world. It knows that you’re important. That you’re supposed to be here, right now, in this life, doing exactly what you’re doing right now even if what you’re doing doesn’t seem great. It’s all part of your story. Of your cycle. Of the epic narrative that all of us are weaving here, now, on this planet. Your soul knows that you are here for a reason. Your soul knows that you are worthy. That you are worth so fucking much.

But there’s also a voice that doubts. It questions your decisions and your desires. It whispers that you’re a fuckup, a disappointment, an imposter, unlovable. This voice is a slow-corroding acid, eating through your confidence, burrowing down to do its work on your soul. Instead of ignoring this voice, though, instead of telling it to shut the fuck up, I suggest that on this moon, we give that voice some fucking love.

When it says that you’re not worthy, you say: “It’s okay. I love you.”

When it whispers that you can’t do it, you say: “It’s okay. I love you.”

When it hisses that you should just give up already, you failure, you say: “It’s okay. I still love you.”

Smother that voice in TLC, friends, because that voice is part of you. It lives in the grey matter of you brain along with your personality, your aspirations, your creativity, your depression, along with the automatic electric signals that tell your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe, along with your memories and the layered narrative of your life. That voice is the part of you that has been warped by cultural conditioning, that has been brainwashed by illusions of perfection in the media, that has been harmed by abusive relationships and childhood trauma. And if we treat that voice harshly, if we push it down or tell it to shut up or drown it in distractions, we’re being mean to a part of ourselves. We’re continuing the cycle of abuse.

And besides, generally speaking, when you try to bully a bully, the bully just doubles down and you end up with a wedgie, or worse. Be honest with yourself: is the approach you’re taking now working for you? No? Then it’s time to try something new.

Gemini is about accepting ALL the parts of you, good or bad or confusing or messy. Gemini has something to teach us all about allowing ourselves to be without boxes, allowing ourselves to change, to switch day-to-day, to fully inhabit our personalities and experiences. Gemini gets some shit for this, with other zodiac signs accusing it of being mercurial, flaky, inconsistent. But Gemini knows something they don’t: changeability is fluidity, and fluidity is authenticity.

(By the way, how perfect a sign is Gemini for Pride month? Am I right!?)

The Tarot card ruled by Gemini is the Lovers, which speaks of twin halves, opposite but complementary forces, unity in duality. The Lovers teaches us that self-love must come before romantic love and that self-respect is the foundation of healthy relationships, romantic or platonic or professional. Although the Smith-Waite image of the Lovers depicts a penis-having person and a vagina-having person (their equipment doesn’t say a goddamn thing about their gender), suggesting the duality of masculine and feminine, the Lovers is not about finding completion in another person. Instead, the true medicine of this card is that we are whole all by ourselves. We all have “masculine” qualities and “feminine” qualities, light and dark, logic and emotion, an exterior face and an interior world. The Lovers wants us to acknowledge the dualities within us and find out how to partner them. You don’t need anyone to complete you, friend, because you are already complete. The most rewarding relationship you’ll ever cultivate is a loving relationship with yourself.

So this new moon, contemplate whether or not you’re being a good partner to yourself. Identify that scared, hurt, doubting voice and love the fuck out of it. Use your words. Write a note to yourself or to someone you need to clear the air with. Let your conflicting parts have a compassionate conversation. (We all know that communication is key to healthy relationships, right?) Look in the mirror and say kind things to your image. Gemini is the mirror that reflects our lovability and worth back at us, but sometimes mirrors get warped or clouded or covered in toothpaste specks. So this week, clean off your mirror. Look at yourself. Honor each dimple, each imperfection. Honor your personality quirks and contradictions. Honor your sadness and your perseverance. Commit to loving yourself better. Behold how fucking beautiful you are.


For clearing your vision of Self. For acceptance of disparate parts. For reflecting self-worth.

New Moon in Gemini closeup
  1. THE MIRROR: The aspect of self that needs to be looked at right now.

  2. THE REFLECTION: What you perceive when you look at it. (Remember: perceptions are not always reality.)

  3. THE DISTORTION: What is distorting your vision or causing you to not see clearly.

  4. THE LIGHTING: What you can change/adjust/let in to see yourself with more compassion.

  5. THE SMUDGES: What you can clear away to see yourself with clarity.

  6. THE MIRROR (2): A truer image of yourself.

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