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Tarot Spread for New Moon in Aries + Mercury Direct in Aries

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Tomorrow, April 15th, is big. We have the new moon in Aries, which, with Aries as the first sign of the zodiac and new moons being the start of a new lunar cycle, marks the beginning of the astrological new year for those who track by the moon. Tomorrow, Mercury also stations direct in Aries after being retrograde since March 22nd. Mercury going direct is nothing remarkable in and of itself (it happens 3-4 times a year, after all), but Mercury stationing direct in Aries so close to the New Moon in Aries is somethin’.

New Moons are when we plant our intentions, declare our goals, plan and plot and gather our energy to manifest the shit out of some stuff during the waxing moon. And the New Moon in Aries is saying, “Be bold, boo.” Aries is the leader, the pioneer. They’re that restless and impulsive, ready-to-go energy, likely to make quick decisions and bold pronouncements on a whim, with only their confidence in their own ability to get shit done to back them up. Along with Mercury stationing direct in Aries, this New Moon is like a fuckin’ slingshot that has been pulled back all retrograde while we quietly planned and rested (and flailed and cried) and worked through the necessary background shit, and now we’re ready to release all that pent-up power and launch ourselves boldly into something BIG.

What’s that big thing for you, friends? You may have been sitting and stewing over something all retrograde, and now you’re ready to take that big step toward actualizing your desires. Or maybe you’ve been down in the nitty-gritty, doing the hard work of putting your house in order, and this New Moon + Mercury direct might spark an idea, something bold and exciting and new, that you can stoke into a roaring blaze if you choose to.


Be courageous, friends. It’s time to be bold. The Tarot card ruled by Aries is The Emperor. The benevolent ruler, the apex of mastery, the figurehead of authority of the self and our tiny kingdoms. The Emperor knows he’s worth it, knows he has something useful to say or do, something he’s really fucking good at. He claims his authority and stands tall in his rightful domain, without apology.

This isn’t the time for meekness or false humility. Stand up, straighten that spine, and, no matter how many bumps and tumbles you took during retrograde, lift that bruised chin with pride. Don’t be afraid. You got this, friend. Go forth with excitement and confidence and claim your sovereign ground. Ain’t no one the king of your life except you.



  1. The Cinder: What has been smoldering through Mercury retrograde?

  2. The Ember: What lesson have I learned through this retrograde?

  3. The Spark: What sparks my fire on this Aries New Moon?

  4. The Kindling: How can I fuel my fire in the coming weeks?

  5. The Blaze: How can I burn bright and true, without apology?

  6. The Light: What will my blaze illuminate?

  7. The Smoke: What to release with the smoke.


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