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Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: Showing Up for Collective Healing

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius landscape

Friends, total eclipses are always potent, but this Friday’s full lunar eclipse has the potential to open a portal to a new way of being, as individuals and as a collective. Today, we are invited to review how we are showing up for ourselves and for the global community. We are asked to release the hold of oppressive systems, harmful modes of thought, and blocks to progress and healing. We are called to step into the Earth’s shadow—our own shadow—as it is cast on the Moon and observe what parts of our emotional selves we are blocking from the light.

The Sun is at home in Leo, the sign of blazing confidence, charisma, and creative leadership, while the Moon is in airy Aquarius, sign of humanitarian progress and revolutionary thinking. This combination is a powerful one for understanding ourselves as individuals within a collective, locating our role in the larger web, and identifying how we can be of service. Here, we are asked to go beyond ourselves and use the shining sunlight of our presence, our personalities, our platforms to raise up and heal the wounded lunar heart of the collective.

But in order to do that, we first have to cast that solar spotlight on our personal shadows and the internal work that needs to be done within ourselves.

This eclipse will be the longest of the century at 1 hour and 43 minutes. (Unfortunately, it won’t be visible from Western Hemisphere.) During that time, the full moon will pass through the deepest part of the Earth’s shadow, the darkest part of the Umbra. What we find here may not be comfortable. For some, it will be severely challenging, and for others, it may be epiphany. For all of us, it has the potential to be a massive door to healing that which we have deeply buried. The things we’ve been avoiding or would rather not look at. The things that challenge our conceptions of ourselves or make us feel ashamed. It can be hard, so so hard, to look at these aspects of ourselves, but it’s only through facing them and receiving their bitter medicine that we can heal and evolve.

The partial solar eclipse in Cancer of two weeks ago kicked off this eclipse season with a watery emotional kick, and this Aquarius moon allows us to understand those emotions analytically. Our feelings are still there, at the height of their full-moon power, but the air moon holds them at a bit of a distance, allowing us to investigate the sources of our most difficult emotions and evaluate the ways those emotions might catalyze our actions and behaviors in the world.

What I mean by that is this:

Sometimes, we may feel fear and manifest it as aggression. We may feel challenged and manifest it as defensiveness. We may feel self-doubt and manifest it as bullying. These negative expressions of emotion aren’t caused by the emotions themselves, but by our refusal to face those emotions and reckon with them.

This is the grace and power of air moons, friends. Often regarded as detached and unemotional, air moons allow us the blessed ability to gain perspective on our emotions, to get enough distance to logically perceive them, to locate their source, their complications, and their negative or hurtful expressions. In order to heal the human body, we first have to diagnose what’s wrong, or sick, or hurting in it. This moon is an x-ray, a CAT scan, a blood panel. It’s here to help us find where our hearts and souls are hurting. It’s here to help us learn how to heal.

After all, Aquarius rules The Star card: the great healer, the divine blessing, the guiding light in the dark. Leo rules Strength: the emblem of courageous compassion and heart-centered fortitude. Together, this axis opens a pathway to courageous progress through collective healing. While humanitarian-minded Aquarius opens the portal for this radical healing, fire-hearted Leo gives us the compassionate strength to help us through.

Through this, friends, remember that you are valuable, loved, and whole. You have everything within you that you need to become your best and fullest embodiment of self, but you have to do the work to get there. We need you here with us, friend. You are an invaluable part of the collective web. Humanity needs us all to heal in order to evolve.

ASTRO NOTES: There are a number of other planetary aspects that are giving this otherwise difficult eclipse a softer, more receptive presence, and you can read about those on my Patreon. I’ll be adding these Astro Notes for my Patreon subscribers for each new and full moon, and I’m offering this first installation publicly so you can check it out! Become a member for future installments and for biweekly collective moon readings.


For showing up to collective healing. For releasing the emotional shadow. For stepping beyond the self. 

Full Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius square
  1. EARTH: You at this time.

  2. MOON: Your emotional work this cycle. What is rising from subconscious.

  3. AQUARIUS: Where you can open to and engage in collective healing.

  4. SUN: Your ego/conscious self. Your work in the external this cycle.

  5. LEO: Where you are needed to step forward and be visible, courageous, loud.

  6. UMBRA: What shadow must be seen and released in order to heal.

  7. – 8. PENUMBRA: How to release with the waning light. / How to receive with the waxing light.

OPTIONAL CARDS for input from major aspects: South Node, Mars Rx, Uranus, Chiron Rx. Refer to the Astro Notes on my Patreon page for energies of each.

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