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New Moon in Scorpio: Constantly Becoming

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

Scorpio New Moon

Today, the moon is new in Scorpio, offering an invitation to get intentional about our work of becoming. We’re always evolving, always transforming. The cells of our bodies are constantly dying and regenerating. We are constantly rebirthing. In the world outside of our bodies, we can choose to partner with our own transformation, usher in necessary change, be the doulas of our own rebirths.

I offer my Scorpio spread to you today, recycled from the full moon six months ago, with a tired but hopeful heart. Yesterday, on election day, I traveled back to Portland from Birmingham, Alabama, my hometown. (Don’t worry, I voted by mail before I left.) I spent time with my parents and my 99-year-old grandmother. I didn’t see either of my brothers, one too busy at college and the other too unwell for company. I ate a pimento cheese sandwich in a Christian mission coffee shop that had a community-created 95 Theses on the wall, which included “acceptance and love of all sexualities and genders” among them. I counted the signs for Democratic political candidates in people’s yards, which formerly would have been stolen the first night they appeared. I walked around with a “QUEER AF” pin on my jacket and didn’t get so much as a raised eyebrow.

I observed how the city has changed massively since I last lived there a decade ago. I observed how I’VE changed massively.

Alabama is a place that changes slowly, and, as the election results attest, the change is not yet enough. Elsewhere in the U.S., the story was the same, but there were victories for progress, too. I’m tired, but I’m hopeful.

Going home again is somewhat like seeing the mold you were created in, one that you outgrew and left behind long ago. It’s strange to return to it, to maybe try to tuck yourself inside, just to see if it’ll still fit. It never fits the same.

We are constantly transforming, friends. We are constantly becoming. If we choose to engage with it actively, intentionally, to push through the birth instead of clench desperately to what’s dying, then the process will be quicker, smoother, better for us all.

We may not be snakes, but we do shed our skins.

Scorpio New Moon closeup


For facilitating transformation. For hard moments in the cycle of Life-Death-Rebirth. For insight into the change. For constantly becoming. 

1. THE SKIN: What part of you is transforming or ready to transform?

2. THE HUSK: Your old form that needs to be shed. What’s constricting your growth.

3. THE SLOUGH: How to facilitate your transformation.

4. THE FANG: What will hurt during this process.

5. THE VENOM: The medicine of this process. The healing that will come through.

6. THE SNAKE: Your new form. The next stage of your higher evolution.


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Deck pictured: Smith-Waite Centennial Edition.

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