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New Moon in Taurus: Making the Bull Move

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

N E W   M O O N   in   T A U R U S U R A N U S   ingress   into   T A U R U S

There’s some major astrology happening right now, friends. Hours after the new moon in Taurus, Uranus, the planet of innovation, revolution, & surprises, moves into Taurus for the first time since the 1930’s. The rebel Uranus will shake things up in the fixed earth sign of stability, tradition, & loyalty for most of the next 8 years. The thing is, the grounded, sometimes stubborn Taurus doesn’t like change very much, & Uranus is ALL about it. Earth is going to move, my friends.

We can use this new moon to investigate where we would like to innovate traditions and remodel old structures in our lives. We can step into this tense Taurus-Uranus standoff and merge these two powerful energies in a productive, progressive, grounded way. This new moon, we MAKE THE BULL MOVE.


The Tarot card ruled by Taurus is the Hierophant. This card recalls the traditions and established systems we are indoctrinated in as children (and adults): organized religion, institutions of learning, inculturated values, norms, & beliefs. The Hierophant gets a bad rap sometimes, but these systems are necessary and valuable in some ways. They contain the learning & wisdom of generations past, the silt of our ancestors—and our oppressors—built up into a sediment of ages. But as sediment turns to rock under the pressure of time and the weight of one-billion footsteps trod across it, so too do our institutions. Our systems of belief become rigid & brittle, resistant to evolving with the progress of new knowledge, new acceptance, new ways of being. And brittle things break easily.

Like the Hierophant, the bull Taurus has the gifts of solidity, constancy, safety. It’s a force of nature, and an immovable force. In its best manifestations, Taurus is powerful, unshakeable, possessed of the unapologetic grace and grounded majesty of an elder oak draped with moss, an adult stag crowned with a candelabra of antlers. In its worst, Taurus is stubborn, forceful, resistant to change.

But the time is upon us to make the Bull move. The world of Taurus is due for a big shake-up, a seismic shift in what we thought was stable, reliable, permanent. The Bull isn’t going to be very comfortable with this, and likely neither will we. But change and innovation are necessary for progress, and it’s high time we stop clinging to outdated institutions (*cough*capitalism*cough*) and revolutionize our relationships to ourselves, to each other, and to our beautiful and imperiled Earth that Taurus embodies as the fixed earth sign of the zodiac.

These energies will work together more easily than we think, though. The Hierophant isn’t all conservatism and dogma, after all. The true lesson of the Hierophant is to receive the teachings of those established systems—whether the church, gender roles, traditional career paths, marriage—and then decide what YOU believe in. The power offered to us through the Hierophant is the profound gift of learning from those who came before us, embracing what works, revising what’s valuable, and discarding the rest. In the Hierophant, like Taurus, we absorb traditional beliefs, knowledge, values (and Taurus is all about values), and then we are able to DEPART from them, should it serve us. We are able to find our OWN beliefs, create BETTER systems, root ourselves deeply into what is RIGHT & TRUE for us, and build our own structures by our own designs.

This new moon in Taurus, we’re called to evaluate our values, root into our bodies, and lay the cornerstone for a new way of being. With Uranus moving into Taurus, it’s necessary to ask what you need to innovate or revolutionize in your life and to partner the Bull with the Rebel. Find how to help them work together. With these two powers united, we can change our very foundations, friends. We can make the earth move.




  1. THE PASTURE: What enclosures/structures/systems need to be revised at this time?

  2. THE FENCE: What aspect of this is most confining me?

  3. THE HOOVES: Where am I being stubborn where I need to be flexible?

  4. THE CUD: How/where can I find nourishment during this change?

  5. THE HORNS: How can I connect to and embody my power?

  6. THE GATE: The key to revolutionizing this area of my life (from card #1).

  7. THE CHARGE: How to break through and liberate myself for progress toward my highest evolution.

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