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Full Moon in Scorpio: Healing through Transformation

Updated: Oct 19, 2019

Scorpio is transformation. It’s the snake shedding its skin. It’s shadow work and breaking negative cycles. It’s healing, such profound healing, and not in the soft, slow, nurturing way. Other water signs give you hot soup and cough syrup when you’re sick. Scorpio gives you ipecac.

This healing is the PURGE, friends. These are the sobs so deep they leave muscle aches. This is gagging on your tears. This is the toxin being forced from the body. This is retching until you feel as though you’re turning inside-out, because you ARE.

Don’t resist it. Scorpio’s medicine is INTENSE, but effective. And the good news is it’s almost done.

This Scorpio full moon asks us to fully embrace the healing transformation that’s been in process in all of us for months, because we’re in the final stages. The last couple months, and the last few weeks in particular, have been HARD. If you’ve been feeling neck-deep in the shit lately, you are not alone. There’s a metamorphosis happening in the collective, and while the end result of metamorphosis is beautiful, it really fucking sucks during the process. Did you know that caterpillars in the chrysalis actually DIGEST THEMSELVES?? Into caterpillar soup. (Yeah. Eric Carl skipped that part.) Basically, caterpillars un-make themselves completely, break themselves down into their essential natures, before they create themselves in a new form.

That’s the life-death-life cycle, friends. That’s why Scorpio rules the Death card in Tarot. We have to kill our old selves before we birth ourselves anew.

This full moon in Scorpio asks us to stop clinging to our old ways, our former beliefs, our outdated conceptions of reality, to finally once-and-for-all cut that shit out. It’s time to give up the ghost, friends. It’s time to release and allow our spirits to evolve.

Has some knowledge been bubbling up in you the past few weeks that you’re resisting? That makes you uneasy? Is there some truth that’s there, just below the surface, tap-tap-tapping at the back of your skull, that you’ve been trying to tune out?

That uneasiness, that fear of change, is natural, honeys. It’s human. It’s the part of your mind that likes stability and security and same-ness, panicking at all the unknowns. We’re in Taurus season, and that’s the Taurus-Scorpio polarity. But rather than stubbornly pushing against Scorpio’s transformation, earthy, opulent Taurus energy can actually provide a grounding cord for us to funnel this Scorpio-fueled transformation into the material, physical world. Out of the ether and into reality. Taurus can help Scorpio by giving the spirit form.

Taurus also reminds us that in order to complete the cycle of transformation, we have to take part in the process. A snake rubs itself against a rock or log in order to breach its old skin before it can slough it off. A butterfly has to fight its way out of its chrysalis. And so we have to become ACTIVE participants in our own transformation if we want to complete the cycle and emerge anew.

I created this spread to help you identify what’s transforming in your life and how to partner with it for your higher evolution. So what’s transforming in your life, friends? How are you changing?

What are you becoming?



For facilitating transformation. For hard moments in the cycle of life-death-rebirth. For insight into the change. For letting what’s dead pass away and welcoming the emergence of the next stage of Self. 

  1. THE SKIN. What part of you is transforming or ready to transform?

  2. THE HUSK. Your old form that needs to be shed. What’s constricting your growth.

  3. THE SLOUGH. How to facilitate your transformation.

  4. THE FANG. What will hurt during this process.

  5. THE VENOM. The medicine of this process. The healing that will come through.

  6. THE SNAKE. Your new form. The next stage of your higher evolution.


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